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GND Developers was founded in 1999 by three brothers, George, Nikos and Demetris. We have worked hard to create our company and we value your business. Our work is based on mutual trust and understanding without any far-fetched promises. We do not seek to amaze or lure you into buying our properties and for this reason all the pictures you see on our web site are either true photos we have taken or drawings from our architects.

Our main concern is to provide you with the house that you have been dreaming about. We do our best to provide you with affordable houses that are at the same time luxurious and offer the warmth individuals need and seek. Furthermore, we believe that the location of your house is very important and for this reason we only work with houses in select locations that are safe and close to the wonderful city of Larnaca.

Even if you are not planning to buy a house right now, please still get in contact with us. We would love to show you our properties with no obligation to you because we enjoy talking to people about their dream houses. After all, this is why we have chosen this profession!

George, Nikos, Demetris

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